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Holocaust and WW II

School trips to Auschwitz Museum and Holocaust related tours

School trips to the Auschwitz Memorial are not the typical tourist attractions.

These trips demand focus and afterthought, they touch and shape our conscience, empathy and sensitivity and they evoke personal reflection.  We ask ourselves: Who am I? Who could I become? Could I be a perpetrator like that? Would I be able to preserve dignity as a victim? As a bystander, would I be ready to put my life at risk to save another soul? These trips make us reflect upon the world we live in: how to form relations between nations, between minorities and majorities, what values and attitudes to shape and reinforce, what to do, to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future and why, despite such painful lessons, they still do occur?

School trips "Auschwitz - the logics and topography of extermination"

In cooperation with historians and partners from The Museum of Auschwitz we organize study tours and school trips under the title "Auschwitz - the logics and topography of extermination"

Holocaust related school trips and study tours

We organize as well as other trips related to the Holocaust and the World War II. Among them are programmes valued by teachers and educators en route Berlin - Dresden - Thersienstadt - Auschwitz – Kraków as well as Warsaw and other places of martyrdom such as: Łódz, Treblinka, Bełżec, Sobibór and Majdanek.

Below we present a few suggestions for Auschwitz Memorial school trips /study tours.