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Jewish Heritage Tours
Finally, the time has come to tell you good news...
With all probability, Poland's borders will soon be open to citizens of EU countries. We hope that this will happen from the 16th of June 2020. Poland and some Central European countries are at your disposal where travel is safe and easily accessible. All health standards are according to those in the European Union and are strictly observed. You can find detailed information and the latest travel offers by clicking on this tex

Jewish heritage in Poland and Eastern Europe. Study tours

For almost a thousand years Jews have lived in various places in Eastern Europe. In Poland they had for years the largest community in Europe who created great multi-dimensional culture. This community and its culture were almost totally annihilated during WW II. We belong to the new generation which is fascinated with Jewish culture and which discovers this culture like the lost land of Atlantis. We treat memory of our Jewish fellow-citizens as our moral obligation.