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History of Krakow. A few facts from the history of Krakow.


City history in brief - most important dates from the first traces of life found at diggings on Wawel hill at least 50,000 years ago.

965.....First written record of Krakow, mentioned in the accounts of an Arab traveller and merchant, Ibrahim ibn Yaqub, who visited the town

1000.....Formation of Krakow Bishopric

1038.....Cracow is the Polish capital

1257.....Town centre laid out on a grid-plan with large Town Square.

1320.....First coronation at Wawel Cathedral

1335.....Foundation of the town Kazimierz by King Kazimierz the Great

1364.....Foundation of Krakow's University, now called The Jagiellonian University

1475.....First book printed in Krakow "Explanatio in psalterium" by J. de Turrecremat

1489.....Veit Stoss designs the High Altar in St. Mary's Church

1491.....Nicolaus Copernicus comes to Krakow from Toruń and begins his studies at the university

1500.....Start of Renaissance construction on Wawel hill

1520.....Jan Behem from Noremberg makes the largest bell in Poland

1533.....Completion of Sigismund Chapel on Wawel hill

1548.....King Sigismund Augustus orders the third series of tapestries from the Netherlands

1609.....King Sigismund Vasa moves the capital to Warsaw

1652.....24 000 people die of bubonic plague in Krakow

1695.....The sculptor Baltasar Fonntana comes to the city and completes numerous works in Krakow's churches

1734.....The last coronation is carried out in Krakow of King Augustus III

1794.....Kościuszko uprising begins in Krakow's Main Square

1795.....Third division of Poland, Krakow under Austrian rule

1815-1846.....After the Vienna congress between Russia, Prussia and Austria, Krakow gains independence

1850.....A third of Krakow is destroyed by fire

1881.....First tram goes into service on the streets of Krakow

1904.....Work at first electrical plant begins

1918.....After 123 years of division, Krakow is free again

1939.....183 professors of the Jagiellonian University are arrested and deported to forced labour camps by the National Socialist occupants

1939.....The Nazis make Krakow the capital of the so-called General Government

1941.....Founding of the Jewish Ghetto in Podgórze

1943.....Liquidation of the Krakow ghetto

1945.....Krakow is liberated by the Red Army

1947.....Start of construction of Nowa Huta

1978.....Krakow Bishop Karol Wojtyła becomes Pope John Paul II

1980.....Founding of the independent movement "Solidarnosc" in Krakow

1999.....Krakow numbers 830 000 citizens

2000.....Krakow is the cultural capital of Europe 2000


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