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Krakow Incientives and Conference by Krakow - Travel DMC.

Our office provides deep knowledge in organizing of Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Events (MICE) in Krakow area. Taking maximum care of each single detail so that it becomes a unique and unforgettable experience, responding to participant expectations and fully satisfying the objectives of the company.

Why conference or incentives Krakow?

Krakow - beautiful, educated, fun, welcoming, open and fashionable.

Krakow, Prague, Budapest and Vienna make up a crown of Central and Eastern European cities of which Krakow is the least well-known jewel.
Krakow, the former capital of Poland, the seat of the former kings of Poland, the home of the oldest university in this part of Europe, a place with hundreds of unique monuments and dozens of museums and galleries, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and one of the largest cultural centres. It was European City of Culture in 2000. 

There are several different universities creating a strong research and academic base in the city and  filling it with over a hundred thousand students. Although the city is old it still remains full of life, both during the day and at night. Hundreds of pubs and clubs only begin to close their doors as the sun is rising. There are several shopping centres which tempt customers with attractive prices and many newly-built hotels which can meet the demands of even the most picky of tourists.
Due to the now regular and direct flights to Krakow from all the biggest cities in Europe, more and more visitors are coming to Krakow every year, including those attending conferences and conventions. Krakow is becoming fashionable.
Come and visit Krakow!

About us

Krakow-Travel DMC. The importance of details.

Marco der Pole has been welcoming foreign visitors to Poland since 1996 through its organization of tours, city breaks, as well as conferences and conventions; from business meetings of just a few people to conventions with more than 1000 participants.

Our twenty years of experience means that we know the market extremely well, we have attractive contracts with different hotels and we have the experience which allows us to provide professionally organized events.
Our experience confirms the truth of the old Polish proverb that "the devil's in the detail". Organizing a convention involves sorting out hundreds of important details and it is this care about the details which guarantees the success of our events.

In our office all the details are taken care of by our professional team who have excellent knowledge of foreign languages and the conference industry in Poland.


Our offer:


We can organize business and industry meetings for groups from several people to groups of 2500 participants, including handling of all the practical details needed for a stay in the most beautiful town in Poland, which, as many people say, has a magical atmosphere.



It is also possible to combine a conference with an exhibition or with seminars. Apart from conference facilities, Krakow has exhibition centres with display areas of over 6000 square metres. An industry exhibition as part of a convention in Krakow is bound to be a successful venture.


Krakow is an academic town. With over 20 universities and higher education institutions there are over 130,000 students and there is huge intellectual potential. Our experience has shown that a local partner and an academic environment are very important. The Jagiellonian University, the oldest in Poland, with its historic halls of Collegium Maius and Collegium Novum, as well as the brand new Auditorium Maximum, opened in 2005, with space for 1200 people is the perfect location for an academic symposium. Such entourage guarantees not only a successful accademic event but also an experience which the participants will remember for a long time.


Special programmes for special clients. We can create special individual programmes to meet the individual needs of our clients.


Business meeting

We organize integration events, team building events, meetings, seminars and motivation events for employees and customers of our clients.


Your Krakow conference or incentives in detail


A stay in Krakow should provide long-lasting and happy memories. Programmes which we create for our customers not only take into consideration the specifics of the industry but also the fact that you will be staying in a magical town and you should be enchanted by it.



We will create a conference budget taking into full consideration any financial limits. We take care of any payments from participants and issue all the necessary financial documents.


Convention office

The convention office will manage all necessary correspondence with the participants before the event, informing them about dates and programme content and will deal with individual requests from guests. During the convention our office will become the reception where the participants can register and get information and help. There will also be a photocopier in full-working order and enough town plans for all the participants.


Choice of conference location

Through use of our extensive knowledge of the market we will choose an appropriate conference location. We may recommend a modern conference centre, a chamber in the royal castle or an underground cavern with air-conditioning.


Hotel reservations

We will reserve hotel rooms for conference delegates whilst trying to take into consideration their individual demands; such as a room with a view or the perfect soft-boiled egg for breakfast.



If the conference is to be accompanied by an exhibition or fairs we will find an appropriate display space which meets the necessary specifications for your presentations. Everything will be in the right place.


Printed materials and the visual setting

We will design and print all information, invitations, posters, event logos and banners. And the banners won't be blown down in the wind on the opening day of the conference.


Technical infrastructure

We will take of care of technical issues related to the conference; we can provide audio-visual equipment and equipment for multimedia presentations as well as a wireless connection to the internet.  What is more because we know that conference delegates like their traditional aides we also provide notebooks and pens.


Technical support

Hostesses with a good command of foreign languages will be available to provide information, help and advice. Security guards in black suits will discreetly manage the safety of the guests and there will be firefighters and emergency medics available if necessary.



We can provide equipment for simultaneous translation as well as well-qualified interpreters/translators. It's simple: the earphones work because the batteries are charged.



A feast for the eyes as well as the stomach! Our partners can provide exquisite and tasty cuisine during your conference. The coffee during the coffee breaks will be hot and the bread, including typical Krakow 'obwarzanki' (pretzels), will always be fresh.



We can provide all forms of transport that is necessary. Taxis, coaches or maybe... a horse and carriage?


Attractions and nightlife

We can organize concerts, performances and displays from dance groups, actors or musicians in original interiors with unique settings, in the company of Copernicus, King Zygmunt, or Pan Twardowski - the Polish nobleman who flew to the moon on a rooster.


Tours and sightseeing

For those interested in the town and the region we can organize a very interesting tourist programme; we provide guides with fluent command of foreign languages and extensive knowledge of the region. The guide will know what he's talking about and he will be able to count; the same number of people that set out for the trip is sure to return.


Last but not least. Flowers.

Flowers should not be forgotten. Our favourite florist, Pani Basia, is in charge of creating new and wonderful flower arrangements which will decorate the interior of the conference location.

What else can we take care of?

Hotels, Venues, Events, Tours for Your event in Krakow. 



Every year in Krakow new guests arrive and new hotels are built. They range from modest family-run hotels in old, renovated tenement buildings to five-star hotels owned by some of the most famous chains such as Sheraton, Radisson SAS and Novotel as well as exquisite, small boutique hotels for the most demanding of guests. The larger chain hotels also have all the facilities necessary for organizing conferences and conventions. Our office works with all the big hotels in Krakow and we are easily able to negotiate attractive conditions for our clients.


Krakow is the perfect base for organizing small and medium-sized conferences for up to 2500 people. Our guests can hold their debates directly in the conference hall of a hotel or they can make use of the special hall in the conference centre of the Jagiellonian University (for up to 1200 people). Meetings can be held inside the national museum (space for 1000 people), the Slowacki theatre (600 people), or the University of Economics (2500 people) or in many other smaller historical or modern venues. Most of these venues are found in the centre of the historic old town or just on the edge of it, within a few minutes walk of most hotels which makes a stay in Krakow very convenient as there are no problems with transport.


What can you use to surprise and delight conference delegates?
For an elegant gala dinner we recommend the 19th century, eclectic interior of the town theatre. Or you can amaze your guests by having a party one hundred and thirty five metres underground in one of the medieval chambers of the salt mine in Wieliczka. For very special guests we recommend organizing an event in the rooms of the oldest building of the university where Nicolaus Copernicus studied. 

We organize parties in a picture gallery full of grandeur inside a renaissance castle or in other historical places, of which there is plenty in Krakow.

We can also arrange a boat trip on the river Vistula, a sleigh ride in the beautiful Tatra mountains, a jeep safari in the Beskidy mountains... there are so many possibilities.
But the events we organize don't have to involve nature  - they could also include meetings with writers, artists, politicians...
...or a concert by one of the best Polish opera singers in his own private apartment in Krakow. There is so much to chose from...

Tours in surroundings of Krakow


Tatra Mountains

Zakopane, home of the smallest high peaks in the world, and a huge centre for winter sports, is the perfect destination for a one day-trip from Krakow. Visitors often enjoy a trip to the Pieniny mountain range and an unforgettable raft ride down the Dunajec river, which meanders through a narrow, two-hundred metre deep gorge among picturesque rock formations. A taste of the fascinating highlander culture of this region, famous for its expressive music and dance as well as its original wooden architecture makes your stay in the Tatra mountains complete.


One hundred kilometres to the north of Krakow  there is Czestochowa and its Paulite monastery of Jasna Góra. It is a famous place of pilgrimage and the most holy place in the country for Polish Catholics who come to see the famous miraculous painting of the Black Madonna. To get to Czestochowa you have to travel through the Krakow-Czestochowa Upland which is covered with many picturesque limestone rock formations and ruins of medieval castles known as the Eagles' Nests. The most well-known attraction in this area is the Ojców National Park - set in the Pradnik river valley and filled with fascinating rock formations and the renaissance castle of Pieskowa Skala.


About one hour's drive from Krakow there is the small town of Oswiecim better known throughout the world by the German name of Auschwitz. The largest of the Nazi concentration camps, it is now a place of remembrance and a museum which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

The Bernardine monastery in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, about 40km outside of Krakow, is also included in the UNESCO list, with its unique collection of picturesque chapels scattered over the surrounding hills. Not far from the church in Kalwaria there is the town of Wadowice - the birthplace of Karol Wojtyla, the man who became Pope John Paul II.


Wieliczka Salt Mine

On the outskirts of Krakow there is the worl famous Salt Mine in Wieliczka. Its labyrinth of tunnels, underground turquoise lakes and corridors, chambers, sculptures, reliefs, stairs and entire chapels all hand carved in salt make it a unique monument of medieval European industrial culture. In fact, Wieliczka is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Further afield Prague, Vienna, Budapest

There are excellent transport connections from Krakow to Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava - the most beautiful cities in Central and Eastern Europe.

...or not too far away either is Lviv in Ukraine; the last undiscovered gem in Europe.

Our clients:

- Yamamouchi Pharma GmbH Heidelberg
- RWE Power AG
- RWE AG Warschau
- VGB PowerTech e.V.
- E.ON Anlagenservice GmbH
- Babcock-Hitachi Europe GmbH
- Siemens AG Region Deutschland - Ost
- Vattenfall Europe Generation AG & Co.KG
- ALSTOM Power Generation AG
- EPPSA European Power Plant Suppliers' Association
- Steel Business Briefing Ltd
- ACN Europe/Poland
- Energizer - Wilkinson
- Parlabo
- Polish Neuroscience Society
- Der Europäische Verband Beruflicher Bildunsträger (EVBB) e.V.


We are available to answer any additional questions that you may have at any time, please feel free to call us on the following numbers:

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