Krakow Trips


Krakow– the second Rome. Its foremost churches and sanctuaries. One day religious city tour.

Krakow is often known as “the second Rome” – and it really does have a remarkable number of churches and monastic congregations, several of which are of immense importance to Polish Catholics. Wawel Cathedral was the site of the coronations and burials of the Polish kings, and in the central part of the church is the tomb of St Stanislaus, containing the relics of this bishop-martyr and patron saint of Poland. St Mary’s Church on the Main Market Square is one of the most beautiful sacral interiors in Europe, with its magnificent Gothic altarpiece carved from linden wood by the Nuremberg master Veit Stoss. The “Ark of the Lord” Church in Nowa Huta, the industrial district of Krakow, is reminiscent of a boat. This church is a testimony to the faith of the Poles in the Communist period: the workers of Nowa Huta prayed and literally fought for it for twenty years, while the Communist authorities doggedly denied them the right to a church of their own. The Basilica of Divine Mercy in the Krakow district of Łagiewniki, with the grave of St Faustina Kowalska in the nearby convent, is a global center of the cult of Divine Mercy.

All the churches we will visit were significant in the life of Karol Wojtyła – St John Paul II. Our excursion is thus an overview of the history of the Poles’ faith, the history of Poland, and the personal history of the Polish pope and saint.

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