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Krakow Trips

Some ideas for English language literature on Krakow, Poland and the Poles...


Krakow Guide Books

- Kraków - The Guide produced by Pascal

- Travellers Krakow by Scott Simpson

- Visible Cities Krakow (Visible Cities Guidebook series) by Dorota Wasik and Gemma Roper-Evans

- Guide to Krakow by Jan Adamczewski


Polish Culture/Art/Traditions

- Cracow: A treasury of Polish culture and art by Michał Rozek

- An Outline History of Polish Culture by Bolesław Klimaszewski

- The Polish Way: A Thousand-Year History of the Poles and Their Culture by Adam Zamoyski. One of the best accounts of Polish culture from its beginnings up until the recent past.

- Polish Customs, Traditions and Folklore by Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, Mary Anne Knab



- God's Playground: A History of Poland by Norman Davies

This two-volume work is probably the best account of Polish history ever published.

- The Heart of Europe: A Short History of Poland by Norman Davies

A more concise account with greater emphasis on the twentieth century

- Witnesses: Life in Occupied Krakow by Miriam Peleg-Marianska and Mordecai Peleg

- The Krakow Ghetto and the Plaszow Camp Remembered by Malvina Graf

- John Paul II: A man from Krakow by George Blazynski

- Building Our Own Home: Ethnic Identity Among the Jews of Krakow, 1918-1939 by Sean Martin, 2004

- Krakow Ghetto Notebook by Daniel Kempen, 2004

- The Jews in Polish Culture by Aleksander Hertz



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