Through the last virgin forests and marshlands of Europe - Nature Tour through northeastern National Parks of Poland

The Białowieski Park - the National Park between the Bug and Narew rivers on the border with Belarus was established in 1932 and is one of the oldest in Europe. It extends over part of the Białowieska - primeval forest (Puszcza Białowieska), whose most famous inhabitants are the bison. During the 1st World War, they were completely exterminated. After years of laborious re-breeding, they could be released again in the wild. At present, there are about 250 animals living here. The national park with its natural, partly impenetrable grove forests, light green aspen and birch forests, gloomy pine and spruce forests, forest meadows, wetlands, sand dunes, and river meadows is unique in Europe. Over 150 species of birds nest here. Apart from bison, moose, deer, wolves, lynx, and beaver live here.

The Biebrzański Park - this National Park on the Biebrza River protects Europe's largest naturally preserved fen in the valley of the Biebrza River. Open swamplands and unusually rich flora and fauna are the assets of this park. The Biebrza Marshes are home to many rare waders and birds of prey (about 250 species in total). The Biebrza Valley offers the largest elk habitat in Poland. In addition, wolves, beavers, and otters live here as well.

The Narwiański Park - this is one of the youngest national parks in Poland. The National Park consists of marshes in the valley of the river with numerous branches, oxbows and river loops that fill a two-kilometer-wide valley. It is also home to many rare animal and bird species. A boat trip through the water labyrinth is a very special experience here. The area is famous for its unique landscape.

Trip Highlights:

  • Visit to Grabarka - the largest pilgrimage centre of the Russian Orthodox Church in Poland 
  • Guided hike through the Białowieska - jungle
  • Observation of the bison and other wild animals
  • Visit to completely preserved synagogue from the 17th century in Tykocin
  • Visit to the Narwianski National Park, also called "Polish Amazonia"


1st day Warsaw - Białowieża
morning & afternoon Individual flights to Warsaw. Arrival in Warsaw. Meeting with Marco der Pole tour guide. Bus trip to Białowieża. On the way trip through a protected landscape area of the river Bug, stop in the picturesque town of Drohiczyn and a visit to Grabarka - the largest pilgrimage centre of the Russian Orthodox Church in Poland. After arrival in Białowieża hotel accommodation.
evening Dinner and program discussion.

2nd day Bialowieza -Białowieski National Park
morning Guided hike through the Białowieska - jungle (8 -10 km).
afternoon Visit to the nature museum and carriage ride /facultative/ through the industrial forest.
evening Dinner at the hotel.

3rd day Bialowieza - Białowieski National Park
morning Walk on the "bison path" to the bison reserve. Observation of the bison and other wild animals.
afternoon Drive to the village Topiło - walk along the river Lena.
evening Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

4th day Białowieża - Kruszyniany - Krynki - Białystok - Kiermusy
morning & afternoon A bus trip through Belarusian, Russian Orthodox villages to Kruszyniany - where descendants of the Tatars, a Mongolian tribe, still live. Visit of the mosque and the Muslim cemetery. Continuation via Krynki, a small town inhabited almost exclusively by Jews before the war and the Knyszyńska jungle, a large, well-preserved forest complex, to Białystok - the largest town in the region. After a stroll through the town, the journey continues to Kiermusy in the Biebrza Valley.
evening Arrival in Kiermusy. Hotel accommodation and dinner in the hotel restaurant.

5th day Biebrzanski National Park
morning & afternoon Drive and hike through the Biebrzanski National Park, which protects the largest and best-preserved swamp and peat bog complex in Central Europe With a bit of luck you may see moose and rare bird species (black stork, crane, hoopoe, ruff, woodlark, etc.).
evening Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

6th day Kiermusy - Tykocin - Narwianski National Park
morning Drive to Tykocin, a former Jewish shtetl. Visit to completely preserved synagogue from the 17th century
Visit to the nearby "Stork village" (16 stork nests in a farm).
afternoon A visit to the Narwianski National Park - an area with dozens of water arms of the Narew River, also called "Polish Amazonia". Boat trip through the water labyrinth. Bird watching.
evening Return to Kiermusy. Dinner at a campfire.

7th day Narwianski National Park
morning Hike through the National Park or canoe trip on the river Biebrza /faculty/.
afternoon Meeting with an ecologist, presentation of the project of renaturalization of the Narew Valley.
evening Closing dinner in the hotel restaurant.

8th day Kiermusy -Warsaw
morning Return journey to Warsaw and home flights from the airport.

Services included:

  • 3 night's accommodation in Bialowieza on bed and breakfast basis
  • 4 night's accommodation in Kiermusy on bed and breakfast basis
  • All transfers as per above mentioned itinerary
  • Private English speaking guide as per the itinerary
  • Entrance fees for all sightseeing
  • Meals as per the itinerary

Services not included:

  • The journey to and from Poland
  • Tour guide 
  • Public transport
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenditure, tips, etc.
  • All other services not mentioned in the itinerary

Price on request.

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