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Dear Ms Roziewicz
We would like to thank you heartily for a well organised trip. All the guides shone with their competence. Everything, down to the smallest detail, worked as it should. We will always be eager to recommend your tour office to others.
Torsten Recker, October 2014

Torsten Recker...

Dear Mr Frysztacki
We have returned safely to Lüneburg. I have been inundated with praise for the good organisation, and for everything going as it should. I want to pass this praise on to you, because you were the real organiser. Thank you very much for taking great care of us. I will strongly recommend Marco der Pole to others.
Jürgen Bulgrin, Church Music Lovers Group, Parish of St Michael, LüneburgGermany, September 2014

Jürgen Bulgrin, Church Music Lovers Group, Parish of St Michael, LüneburgGermany...

Dear Ms Roziewicz
I would like to thank you in particular very warmly now that our travels are safely over and we, richly blessed with many memories, have returned home.Thank you very much for your patience with my incessant questions. (…)In particular I would like to thank you for the detailed programme that you sent us, together with a description of the way to the hotel and tram connections. The fact that you sent us your mobile number also helped me to feel calmer.Everything went absolutely smoothly!We are glad that we found your office to organise our trip to Poland, partly because the trip was tailored to our needs (with your help we did not go over the costs we had planned). We will be glad to recommend you to others, and thank you again for your perfectly successful organisation.
Ursula Kotthaus, Herborn High School, September 2014

Ursula Kotthaus, Herborn High School...

Our trip was very successful. We had a wonderful time discovering your country, and the whole group was very pleased. Małgorzata was really a very good guide, and told us about all the different regions of Poland with passion. The programme was very interesting.The hotels and meals were excellent. Congratulations on your choices. They were varied, and always good. We have very good memories of Poland and we do not re-gret our choice.
Petra, September 2014


Hello Ms Roziewicz
Thank you very much for your very good organisation of all the aspects of our trip. Everything worked well; we always had extra time scheduled in in case of delays. We were treated with great courtesy everywhere when we said we had booked through your office. Our trip will remain in the memories of both our students and our teachers. We will recommend your office to others.
K. Glode, Bohnstedt High School Luckau, July 2014

K. Glode, Bohnstedt High School Luckau...

Dear Marek,We were all enthralled with eastern Slovakia, our trip and the programme (including the hotels). For some of us it was the most beautiful of the 15 trips to eastern Europe that we have made in recent years. A major contributor to that was the delightful and supremely competent tour manager, Monika Profantova. Especial thanks to her also.
Hans Bohn, June 2014

Hans Bohn...

Dear Ryszard!
THANK YOU! The trip was a succes. They loved the hotel, the food, the sights, the guide and driver. Everything was ver carefully planned of you! II have again to say THANK YOU!. You are have always done a good job.
Irmelin Isokoski, Educational Tours for Seniors, Finland, East Germany Tour, Mai 2014

Irmelin Isokoski...

Hello Mr Kaweski
In summary: it was really great!!!We have rarely had such a perfectly organised trip (and we are frequent travellers). The coach and the driver were excellent. The guide excellent: humorous, interested, spoke great German, involved, flexible, and knew his stuff. The hotels were superb; above all the Jewish district with its many varied restaurants made a great impres-sion on us, and everything was more interesting than we had expected – the church-es and organisation of the holy masses also faultless. All the participants were de-lighted with the trip – it was an advertisement for your country and your tour of-fice.   
Hubert Meyer-Wessel, Ferienwerk Köln  |  Catholic Travel for Young People, trip, May 2014

Hubert Meyer-Wessel, Ferienwerk Köln | Catholic Travel for Young People...

Dear Mr Kaweski
Once again (this was my third trip with Marco der Pole) I must pay you a great com-pliment. Everything was organised in the best possible way, and everyone in my group was very satisfied and full of praise. I shall continue to recommend you…Helmut Jüngst, trip to Gdańsk, May 2014
Dear Mr KawęskiOn behalf of the whole group I would like to convey my sincere thanks for a wonder-ful trip. Everybody is impressed and very satisfied. We will remember this trip for a long time to come… It was great. We are already looking forward to the Mazurian Lakes, and we will be setting a date for that shortly, and then I will be in touch with you. Thank you for such warm hospitality. It was just great. We will be promoting you.
Veronika Böttcher, Parish of St Michael/St Paul, Ingelheim, October 2013

Veronika Böttcher, Parish of St Michael/St Paul, Ingelheim...

Dear Ms Roziewicz
Our trip to Auschwitz and Krakow was a lasting experience for all participants. We were also impressed with the good organisation of the programme, your flexibility in granting our wishes, for instance the visit to Monowitz and your lightning trouble-shooting when the coach did not come to Monowitz. Thanks a lot! I was pleased to be able to meet you in person. In November our group is getting together again pri-vately to reminisce.
Ewald Wirth, Christian - Jewish Cooperation Association Hannover e.V., October 2013

Ewald Wirth, Christian - Jewish Cooperation Association Hannover e.V....

Dear Ms Roziewicz
Now that our study trip to Krakow is over, I would like to thank you warmly for your excellent planning and implementation of our tour programme. Everything went ac-cording to plan. The accommodation was very good, the staff of the student hostel pleasant and accommodating of our needs. We were very pleased with the guides you chose. Teresa was able to tailor the information she gave us to the age of the participants. Exactly the same goes for the guide in the Auschwitz Museum.We had a wonderful time in Krakow! Thank you for your superb organisation of our trip!
Frank Mueller, Lohbruegge High School Hamburg, September 2013

Frank Mueller, Lohbruegge High School Hamburg...

Hello Paulina,
Our programme in Krakow was so full that unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to visit you. At least yesterday evening I saw the place where your office is.Everything was superbly organised – thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Our guides were excellent, and I can only recommend them. It was great that Ga-briela managed to show us the Jewish Centre even though at 6 p.m. it is officially closed. Both workshops at the Auschwitz Museum were very well received by the students, and added extra depth to the subject for those on our history course.My students were delighted with the hotel, and didn’t even complain at the food (and that is truly something for such spoilt children).…Once again, my warmest thanks for such absolute professionalism in organising our trip; I didn’t believe it was possible that everything could be completely problem-free.
Annette Godefroid, Ev. Johanniter-Gymnasium-Wriezen Berlin, September 2013

Annette Godefroid, Ev. Johanniter-Gymnasium-Wriezen Berlin...