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Finally, we have some good news to all travellers...
The Polish borders have been already opened to EU citizens since 13.06.2020! The international flights from and to Poland are again possible from the 16th of June 2020. Poland and some Central European countries are at your disposal where travel is safe and easily accessible. All health standards are according to those in the European Union and are strictly observed. You can find detailed information and the latest travel offers by clicking on this text.

Ojcowski National Park. What to see?


Ojcowski National Park and Pieskowa Skała-Royal castle dating to the middle-ages. Situated 30 km north of Krakow in the direction of Olkusz, lies Pieskowa Skala.

The area is protected by the National Park, a paradise for nature lovers. The landscape is made up of river valleys, twisted rock formations and peaceful forests with a wide range of flora. The Royal Castle at Pieskowa Skała is one of the best preserved in the region. Today, it is an affiliated branch of the National Art Collection.