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The Polish borders have been already opened to EU citizens since 13.06.2020! The international flights from and to Poland are again possible from the 16th of June 2020. Poland and some Central European countries are at your disposal where travel is safe and easily accessible. All health standards are according to those in the European Union and are strictly observed. You can find detailed information and the latest travel offers by clicking on this text.

Town Zakopane and Tatra Mountains. What to see?


Tatra Mountains - the highest mountain range in Poland lies 100 km to the South of Krakow.

The highest peak on the Polish side is Rysy at a height of 2499m. A large part of the Tatras is included in the National Park, boasting spectacular alpine landscapes with valleys, lakes and a wide range of vegetation and rare species, including marmots, lynx, golden eagles and brown bears. The region is not only known for its wild mountainous landscape but also for its widely known and deeply embedded folk culture. The Górale are a folk group with their own rich traditions, music, dance, clothes and cooking.

Zakopane is the centre of the Polish Tatras and the highest town in Poland, located at a height of 750-1000m. Its first mention was as a mountain village in the 17th c. In the 19th c. it was a favourite location as a health resort. Artists living in Zakopane developed their own style at the end of the 19th c., a unique mixture of the "Young Poland" style and wooden architecture. The old wooden churches and historical cemetery at "Peksowy Brzyzek" are worth seeing. The whole region is known as a centre for winter sports and offers many attractions for mountaineers, skiers and regular tourists alike.


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