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Krakow city tour: Wieliczka Salt Mine

Salt also known as “white gold”, was Poland’s economic foundation for many centuries. It was used, in ancient times, as a form of payment, and was the most important Polish export. It was taken to Silesia, Hungary, and Ukraine by merchant caravans and then shipped from Gdansk to the European market. This natural resource is located in Wieliczka, about 10 kilometers east of Krakow.

The historic underground chambers, shafts and caverns, decorated with sculptures and carvings, are connected by 2 kilometers-worth of passage. The descent to the Mine is by stairs (380 steps) which go down three levels deep, passing by original excavations on the way: longitudinal, traverses, chamber and lakes, as well as lesser and minor shafts. Perhaps you will also see the Treasurer here - an old mine ghost and the guardian of the miners. The return to the surface is by a lift up the Danilowicz Shaft, from the Level 3 (at the depth of 135 metres). In 1978 the Wieliczka Salt Mine was added to UNESCO’s 1st World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage.
The visit lasts approximately 2 - 2,5 hours. Most guides are experienced miners and the mine holds no secrets from them.

Services: bus transfer Krakow - Wieliczka - Krakow, courier, English-speaking guide and entrance
Duration: 4 hours